Hi there! My Name is Shahrukh A. Khan aka Shaz3e I’m a Web Designer/Developer by profession, and this is my blog. I live in Karachi Pakistan, and I like Playing Game, Cooking food (which is not really testy always) Spending time with friends and above all Family is first priority always, I always try to be connected with WorldWideWeb to keep my self up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

As being Shaz3e that’s my responsibility to make some contribution to WWW whatever I can so I just started creating the easy way to make web development more faster and easier @Shaz3e I always tweet about what’s happening with me.

I am a Co-Founder and CEO of (dc) DiligentCreators. The Company was founded in 2000, and has been providing quality Web Services to the public ever since. Located in Karachi, Pakistan. We are the team of very few people who does all kinds of awesome things for being DiligentCreators.

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